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VO2 Max Calculator

The VO2Max Calculation is based on the Rockport Fitness Walking Test. This submaximal exercise test estimates aerobic fitness or VO2 max without requiring participants to perform high-intensity exercise. It is particularly suitable for individuals needing help engaging in more strenuous activities.

Test Parameters

  • Weight in kg: The participant's weight in kilograms.
  • Age: The age of the participant in years.
  • Gender: 0 for males, 1 for females.
  • Time: The time taken to complete the one-mile walk in minutes.
  • Heart rate: The heart rate immediately after completing the walk.

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VO2 Max Calculator Description

It is ased on he Rockport Fitness Walking Test, which estimates aerobic fitness through walking, specifically VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption). Here's a detailed explanation of the procedure:


The main goal of the Rockport Fitness Walking Test is to estimate an individual's VO2 max, which is a measure of the body's ability to consume and utilize oxygen during intense exercise.



  • Before the test, individuals should wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Measure and record the participant's weight.


Begin with a 5-10 minute warm-up to prepare the body for exercise, involving light aerobic activities such as walking or slow jogging.

Selection of Course:

Choose a flat and straight course that is precisely one mile (1.61 kilometers) in distance.


Instruct the participant to walk the designated one-mile course as quickly as possible. The pace should be brisk, challenging, and sustainable for the entire mile.

Recording Time:

Record the time it takes for the participant to complete the one-mile walk in minutes and seconds.

Recording Heart Rate:

Immediately upon completing the walk, measure and record the participant's heart rate. It's crucial to capture the heart rate as soon as possible to ensure accuracy.


Use the recorded time and heart rate to calculate the estimated VO2max using the following formula:

VO2max(ml/kg/min) = 132.853 - (0.0769 * weightinpounds) - (0.3877 * age) + (6.315 * gender) - (3.2649 * timeinminutes) - (0.1565 * heartrate)

Gender is assigned a value of 0 for females and 1 for males.


The calculated VO2 max provides an estimate of aerobic fitness. Higher VO2max values generally indicate better cardiovascular fitness.


  • This test is suitable for individuals with varying fitness levels.
  • It may not be as accurate as laboratory-based assessments but provides a practical and convenient field-based estimation.
  • Always ensure that participants are healthy and cleared for physical activity before conducting fitness tests. Additionally, the accuracy of the results may be affected by factors such as individual motivation, pacing strategy, and adherence to testing protocols.